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   “Welcome to Goodwill, may I help you with anything?”

   “Uh, yeah; where do you guys keep old game cartridges?”               
   “Ah, those; I think they are in a cabinet in aisle five.”
   “Thanks, ma’am.”              
   I politely wave to the cashier as I head over to where she pointed out.  Though I don’t usually come to any thrift shops for a specific purpose, today I’m on a mission: Buy an original cartridge of Pokémon Sapphire.         
   You see, my love of Pokémon started up over ten years ago, around the time I got a Game Boy Advance.  I always watched the show, and when I heard that a new Pokémon game would be coming to my handheld, I was thrilled.       
   When I finally got my hands on it, I couldn’t take them off.  It was like my mind was glued to that game.  I would spend hours at a time battling trainers, training my team, and grinding for the Elite Four.  Hell, I even did most of the contests.  This experience defined a point in my life, and laid a foundation where I would continue to love Pokémon as I got older.
   Over the years, I eventually lost my prized cartridge, though my team lived on through stuff like Pal Park; because of this, I didn’t fret too much.  Three months ago, however, changed my perspective.

   It was announced that the Gen III games would be remade into “Omega Ruby” and “Alpha Sapphire”.  This made me start thinking back to the good old days, where I could game away without a worry in the world.  That made up my mind to play Sapphire one last time before I got to the remakes.

   Flash forward to the present, and I am browsing over all of the game cartridges.  Here, there are basically piles of Gamestop rejects, from the N64 to the Sega Saturn.  After a minute of searching, my eyes finally lock onto the GBA cartridges.  At first, I’m dismayed because I can’t find it anywhere, but then out of the corner of my eye, I notice a familiar ocean-blue colored cartridge on the floor.

   I pick it up, and sure enough, it’s Sapphire.  Happy that I found what I was looking for, I head over to the cashier.

   “Ah, back so soon?  Did you find what you were looking for, sir?” the cashier asks.

   “Please, call me Gabriel,” I blush, “But, uh, yeah, I found it,” I say as I hand the cartridge over to her.

   “Okay…” she says as she scans the barcode on it, “That’ll be $4.99.  Will that be all?”

   “Yeah,” I say as she hands the game over to me, “Thanks.”

   “Before you go, though,” she calls out as my hand is on the door, “Who are you getting that for?  A little brother, I guess?”
   “Sure…” I say as I walk out.  Man, when will people finally accept that Pokémon isn’t just for kids?
   When I get home, I set the cartridge down on the counter and I head into my bedroom.  I dig through my closet until I find a big cardboard box labeled “Memorabilia”.  Smiling, I open it up. 

   Littered throughout the box is all the Pokémon merchandise I used to collect, like old cards, movie VCRs, and games.  Right on top of the pile is what one might consider as the holy Nintendo bible, my very own Game Boy Advance.  After letting a wave of nostalgia overcome me, I pick it up and I bring it over to my kitchen

   When I get to the kitchen, I take the cartridge and I stuff it into the Game Boy.  I slide the power button, and I am immediately greeted be the power on screen.  A few seconds later, the opening screen begins.

   Though I expect to see May, the female protagonist, to be riding a bike that is accompanied by a Latias, I’m greeted by a different screen instead.  On the screen, I see a white room with a silhouette rapidly approaching in the distance.  It keeps getting closer and closer, until it almost takes up the entire screen.  It is at this point that it’s revealed to be a Porygon.  It floats on the screen for a couple of seconds, and then lets out a cry.  At this, it transforms into a Porygon 2, its evolution, and flies away.  The screen then fades to black, and transitions to the traditional Sapphire start menu.

   It takes me a few seconds to process what just happened.  What was that?  I don’t remember the opening scene to be like that.  My mind goes over it for a few more seconds until I shake it off.

   “Must be a re-release.”

   Forgetting what just happened, I hit start, and I’m taken to the save page.  I’m surprised that there isn’t an option for “Continue Game”.  I mean, who would sell an unused copy to a thrift shop?  Shrugging, I hit new game.
   Immediately, the game transitions to a black and yellow room, where Birch, the Pokémon Professor appears.

   Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting!  Welcome to the world of Pokémon!  My name is Birch, but everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor.  This is what we call a Pokémon…

   Since I already know most of what he says, I just start to skip some of the text.

   This world…We humans…At times…And sometimes…But despite…In fact…To unravel…And you are?

   The game then takes me to a text prompt that has the choices “Boy” and “Girl”.  Since I’m a guy, I try to click on “Boy”, but it won’t work.  I keep on clicking it, but still, nothing.  After I give up, I decide to choose “Girl” since it is really only an aesthetic.  So I click on “Girl”, which gives me the May sprite, and it gives me a “choose your name” prompt.

   I click on “new name”, and it gives me a keyboard.  I insert my name, Gabriel, which is luckily just long enough for me to have.  Plus, I thought it would be sort of funny to give May a dude’s name.  After I type it in, I press start and hit ok.  It gives me a verification prompt, and I hit ok again.  Birch then appears on the screen again.

   Ah, okay.  You’re Gabriel who’s moving to my hometown of Littleroot.  I get it now!  All right, are you ready?  Your very own adventure is about to unfold.  Take courage, and leap into the world of Pokémon where dreams, adventure, and friendships await!  Well, I’ll be expecting you later. Come see me in my Pokémon Lab.

   At this, I click “A”.  All of a sudden though, a beam shoots out of the Game Boy Advance and envelops me.  I cry out as the pixelated ray sucks me into my handheld console.

   When all traces of the real world seem gone, I find myself falling through a white limbo of nothingness.  I yell out, and all I hear is an echo.  This continues on for a few long minutes, where I finally see a shape on the horizon.  As it gets closer, I recognize it as a Porygon.  At first, I’m relieved because I think it might be trying to help me, but as it gets closer, the truth becomes more evident; it’s trying to hit me.

   I begin to panic, and I try to move, but since I am in full freefall mode, there’s nothing I can do.  The Porygon continues to fly at me faster than a speeding bullet, intent on hitting me.  As it’s about to reach me, I brace myself.  A second before it hits me, though, it explodes, causing a rainbow light to wrap around my body.

   I try to struggle, but every inch of my body is covered by this light.  I feel it squeezing, compressing, pulling, every type of force imaginable.  After about a few more seconds of this, I faint.

   The loud rumble of tires wakes me up.  As I nod slowly awake, I remember the freefall, and I jump to my feet.  I find myself in the back of truck with tons of boxes.  What just happened?  Am I being kidnapped? 


   The truck hits a pothole and I’m sent flying into the air.  A surge of pain goes through me as I land on my ass.  A tear running down my face, I rub my swollen butt to make it feel better.  The strange thing, though, is that it shouldn’t be this swollen already.  Immediately, something that wasn’t clear before is now painfully obvious.  I’m wearing red sneakers, short shorts, and a red jacket.

   These aren’t my clothes!

   I put my hand up to my head, and I immediately feel long, silky hair being covered up by a bandana.

   That’s not my hair!

   I then notice on my chest what I originally thought was a loose jacket.  I put my hands on it, and I feel two small mounds of flesh underneath of it.

   Those are DEFINITELY not mine.

   With all of the clues put together, I face the inevitable realization.

   I am May.

   I scream as the truck stops.  How the hell did this happen?  Did that game just beam me into Sapphire?  And why of all people am I May?  I then jump as the back of the truck opens up.  Standing outside is who I guess is my mother.

   “May, we’re here, honey!  It must’ve been tiring riding in the back of the truck,” she say.

   “Uh, yeah,” I say with a nervous giggle.  

   “Well, this is Littleroot Town,” my mother says, not noticing my discomfort, “How do you like it? This is our new home!”

   “It’s…Err…Good, I guess.”

   “Well,” my mom replies “Don’t be afraid to check your room, dear.  Oh, and please remember to set your clock.”

   I use this opportunity to rush into the little house that’s near us, just so I can take some time to think.  As I walk in, though, I nearly have a heart attack.  There are two Machokes walking around in the bottom floor moving things.  One looks at me and shakes its muscular fist.


   I take this as a sign for me to run upstairs to my room.  When I get in, I close my door.  It’s a modest room with a desk, a TV and a bed.  I immediately start pacing.  What the heck am I going to do?  Am I trapped here forever?

   I sigh, and I look down at my body.  Though I find this extremely inconvenient, I’ve got to admit, the thought of being May is sort of intriguing.  I mean, I’ve always kind of had a crush on her, and I do envy her for getting to be a Pokémon trainer.  I just wish that I’ve gotten the chance to do that…Wait a second.

   If the point in time I am in is just like the game, than doesn’t that mean I get to become a trainer too, then?  I mean, if May in the games was able to choose a starter, train a team, and defeat the Pokémon League, would that mean I get to as May, I mean, ACTUALLY become a trainer?

   I walk over to my window, and I see a short dude in khakis and lab coat walking into the woods with a bag.  I know that in that bag is my future.  I know that in that bag is my destiny.  I walk over to my clock and I begin to set it.

   “I’m so choosing a Torchic,” I laugh.
I do not own this picture, nor do I claim the rights to it.:| (Blank Stare) 

My very first trade!:D (Big Grin) (Kinda ironic it has to do with Pokemon, huh?)  This is for Klonoahedgehog, whose side of the trade should be up Monday (spoiler alert, it's awesomeLa la la la ), so  make sure to check him out.  Other than that, I tried to stay faithful to the game, as I myself played Sapphire years ago, so I was very passionate while writing.  Though I was asked in the past to do this by other people and I turned them down, hey, it's out now. ;) (Wink) 

So, let me know what you think below!
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Huh, didn't know that, good to know my name is actually relevant to my interests.
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